2 V 1 Around The Corner

category: Decision-making

Rugby 2 v 1 Around The Corner Decision making • The aim of the drill is to develop handling in a short space.

Corner Line Tag

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Corner line Tag Tag Rugby The aim is that when the coach signals the start the defending players will spread across to the other side of the fi...

Handling Around The Corner 2

category: School

Rugby Handling around the corner 2 School To vary the exercise, you can call out 1 and 2. This means that 2 players come from the ball carrier side a...

Rucking With 4 Corners

category: School

Rugby Rucking with 4 corners School Excellent way to involve large numbers and fitness. Develops understanding of working hard when on the floor, .....

4 Vs 1 Vs 1

category: Decision-making

Rugby 4 vs 1 vs 1 Decision making Players work in groups of six, with 1 ball per group and set up in the following way: 4 attackers vs 1 defender (be...

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Position Specific Speed Training

Get your team the fastest and most agile out there. As the season deepens, we all need to stay on top of our game; make sure every position is covered...



Community Drills

Cone wars

4 cones in each corer. One team tries to flip the cones. The other team defends. Defend by hugging, If hugged choose another corner. The team also nee...

Body Position with Pick and Go

Improve body position when picking ball up and carrying ball.1. Make a 5m x 5m grid.2. Four players stand on each corner of the grid, facing inwards, ...

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Phase 1- to begin with athletes will carry out a warm up in order to prepare their bodies for the exercise to come. firstly we will carry out a pulse ...