Rugby Netball

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Rugby Netball Warm Up Break your players into two teams. One team goes to attack, and one to defence. There is no kicking in this game. Normal ...

Footwork Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

Netball Footwork Warm Up Warm ups Players jog around the court awaiting the call from the coach. When they hear "Footwork" players must work hard for...

Warm-Up: Jogging With Rules

category: Warm-ups

Netball Warm-up: Jogging with Rules Warm ups Jogging around the court for 10 minutes, depending on facilities available possibly with some music play...


category: Warm-ups

Netball Bulldog Warm ups Setup : Choose 1 player to be the catcher - they start standing on the line between 2 thirds, wearing a bib. All other playe...

Running Drills - 3 Part Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

Netball Running Drills - 3 part warm up Warm ups Drill 1. Start with a gentle jog around the court, throwing in some sidesteps, high knees and heel f...

Easy As 1, 2, 3

category: Warm-ups

Netball Easy as 1, 2, 3 Warm ups Whilst passing the ball to each other, three players run in a line across the width of ... Christmas tree warm-up Dr...

Christmas Stocking Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

Netball Christmas Stocking Warm Up Warm ups 4 teams have a 'Christmas stocking' (box 2m x 2m) each and they each start with 4-5 objects that are 'pr...

Drop, React, Catch

In partners: one player does quick feet in a slight squat position, looking at the ball with their hands by the sides of their heads.

The oth...

Jogging and Footwork Warm Up

Jogging and footwork patterns.

Players jog around the court, preforming different footwork patterns along different sides can be any lines on...

Noughts and crosses

Set up 9 cones in a square in the middle of a third.

Two teams of 3 are lined up on the sidelines of the third, with each player holding the ...

Tag Warm Up

Create a box out of cones in the middle of one third.

3 attackers start in this area with the ball. 3 defenders are positioned around the box...

Using the Overload

Cone out a square, 5m x 5m, with 3 attacker's and 1 defender inside.

One of the attackers starts with a ball.

The attacker's aim is to ...

Web Videos

Netballsmart - warm-up - level 1

NetballSmart is the official injury prevention programme for Netball New Zealand. A neuromuscular warm-up is an injury prevention tool.



Community Drills

Warm up

Shuttle running:A- butt kicks; B- jump stretch x5; C- side step; D- star jumps x10; E- high knees; F- star jumps x5; G- side step; H- twist shuffle; I...

Warm Up Drills

It is not a race, everybody going at a similar speed.14 cones needed and one ball.The order is: Jog, jog back to front, grape vine, side step in, side...