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hang up over positions

I am having trouble with one of my players who is a very valuable mid court player, yet obseses about wanting to play GS, not only is she the shortest in the team but when she has played GS she struggles to get in front to receive the ball. No matter how much I explain that the mid court is where she needs to be she wont let it up & even has a nasty attitude towards other players. I have very good shooters in the team, how do I explain without upsetting her but in a way that will get through to her that shooting is not for her this season??

I had a player once who I needed to be in GK, she refused to go back on court in that position at 3/4 time.  Like your player, it was the best position for her & it was a tight game.  That particular game we had no subs.  The look of disappointment on her team mates faces when they realised that she wouldn't take the court & was leaving them short just because she didn't want to play GK, ( which according to her was the position for the worst player on the team, until I pointed out it was my own position since age 12) was eventually enough to pressure her back on the court.  What I did do was give her a choice on certain games,that  I called mix-up games for those who wanted to try different positions could have a go.  It would be against the weaker teams. Another idea is to also take some stats, so she can see what her performance is like.  Sometimes what is happening in their reality is very different from what is actually happening on the court.  Her perception may be that she has just as many shots as any other shooter on the team.  Also, I spent a little extra time encouraging & giving positive feedback when she was playing the position where I wanted her to be.

Depends on the age & how competitive, I found the mix-up games were a good release and kept eveyone happy.  But I guess if you are in a tight comp that may not be realistic.

Good luck.

Depending on age, it might be time to give some tough truths. I had a player similar to this a few years ago She was tall but had very poor hands (ball kept going straight through them) and she just couldn't shoot. I played her in GS a few games and she thought she did OK until I showed her the stats. She shot less than 1 goal per quarter! I told her it was all very well to want to play in a positon but if she wasn't suited to it, unfortunately she couldn't play there.

I agree will Allie , it does depends on the age.

One way to show her, would be filiming the games and pointing out different things and proving the stats that you do take. e.g when you are in GS , there are only 2 goals scored etc. However when you are in mid court we score 10 +. The next option is , if she doesnt treat the others players with respect leave her off the court and limit her court time. Take a stance with the whole team though and state that you wont tolerate disrespect towards other players.

Filming & statistics...hmmm...sounds a bit over the top for a 9yo. Don't they play modified rules which should include rotations through all positions anyway???

at 9 I wouldnt be pigeon holing a child into a particular position.  depending on the team depends on where i put the kids on it.  i thought at 9 yrs that it was required to rotate them through positions (netta rules) to ensure that all kids got a good taste of every position.  each child will have their strengths and weaknesses but giving them ago during the season is important.  maybe remember they all still learning at this age so make sure you make it something they want to keep coming back to.  however in saying that, poor sportsmanship should not be tolerated.

Thanks everyone. This has been a great discussion to follow! Sorry I wasnt clear on the age. The team has 9-11 year olds. In New Zealand this age group has moved on from the modified rules of compulsary rotation but I do completely agree with still rotating them around. Just makes it difficult when they get nasty when they arent playing their fav! Im trying to teach them all positions are crucial not just the shoots! Getting there slowly :) I take it from all your comments this is an issue that continues thru the ages!! Thanks again ladies :)

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