Front Marking With Ball Transfer

category: Defence

Netball Front Marking with Ball Transfer Defence 3 Feeders attempt to pass the ball to a static player A (varying the type of passes). The defender a...

Marking Player And Intercepting

category: Interception

Feed can come in at any time to no. 3 and defence attempts intercept. Coaching points. *Watch the ball throughout and keep close to attack. read more...

Interception Circle

category: Interception

Maximum of 8 players form the outside of a circle with 2 defenders inside and 1 ball.

Defenders have to work together to intercept the bal...



Community Drills

Marking the ball

An attacking player stands with the ball. The defender must stand 3 ft away, abiding by the rules to make it as game like as possible. ?The attacking ...

year 8 shooting and marking the ball

Groups of 4:Player 1 is GSPlayer 2 is CPlayer 3 is WAPlayer 4 is feeder/GKPlayer 4 feeds bacll to 2/3, who pass the ball to Player 1 as GS, GS has to ...