Run And Move Into Space

category: Passing

Netball Run and move into space Passing Player 1 runs towards the player with the ball on reaching the cone player moves to receive the ball from pla...

Move Into Space

category: Decision-making

Netball Move into space Decision making Set up grids 5 m by 5m. 3 player with 1 ball in each grid Player with the ball passes to the player moving to...

2 Vs. 2 - Pass And Move

category: Getting-free

Netball 2 Vs. 2 - Pass and Move Getting free Players take it in turns to run through the defender's areas as pairs. The player without the ball leads...

Tag Warm Up

category: Warm-ups

Create a box out of cones in the middle of one third.

3 attackers start in this area with the ball. 3 defenders are positioned around the box...

Web Videos


Passing into Space

Get your players passing in front of their team-mate's and driving onto the ball with this passing practice session

Moving into Space

Get your players communicating and moving into the space with this plan, and see improvement to your team’s movement.

Clearing Runs to Create Space

Don't all crowd and run to the ball, like moths to a light bulb! Teach your players to make smart runs to stretch the opposition and create space!


Community Drills

Conditioned Games

Finish sessions with conditioned game to focus on speed of pass and play alongside getting into space. Either restrict players to their starting third...

Foot work

Combining running around court with the sudden stopping of footwork, by running within the third the players are getting into space however must be ab...

Getting into space

Another warm up drill thats designed to get players moving and warming up. As players arrive you can pair them up and then add a defender to create a ...

Core skills circuit

This is a circuit which puts together simple drills to enhance passing, shoting , defending and movement. More simple drills can be added to the circu...