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What is the best way to defend a tall goalie?

I have short defenders and we will be playing a team in the finals that has a 6ft goalie. Looking for advise on the best way to stop the giant goalie.

your players should be smart and storng and have a selfconfdents

Make sure your players stand their ground using their legs and genrally taller players are slower to react to a pass so get your players to sprint around and they will get it easy

Thanks, I'll try and get them to do some more footwork drills at training.

use both of your defenders, pressure from one in front and one behind. In front stops the pass in and behind prevents the drop.  Defenders shoud be on their toes to make movement for an interception.  Normally the pressure from your WD can be applied upon the GA.  I find that if players looking to feed the GS feel that she is blocked they tend to loose confidence in the pass to GS.  Good luck

Totally agree with Tracey.  Using the WD to stop/slow GA going into circle whilst GK and GD double mark the GS.  Good luck with the game.

We had the exact issue this weekend- the opposition GS was 12" taller than my defenders!  I had my GK on her toes with fast footwork around the GS, even forcing the GS to the top of the circle where she can't shoot, and our other players apply defensive pressure on the attackers including the GA.  The result was the opposing players were reluctant to throw the ball to the GS.  We won by 20 goals- finals next week!

Have either your C or your WD drop off their player and block the path of the GA going into the circle.  Whoever doesn't do this needs to remember they have an extra player to watch as well.  Then have both your GD and GK double team the GS, with the one in front watching to pick off the pass coming in to the GA (when she finally gets around the zone from the C).  This usually unsettles the feeders when they find their GS tied up and their GA can't get into the circle.  Oftem they panic and try to force the pass in creating plenty of opportunities for the defence to intercept.

There has to be pressure on the feed, so hands over every ball coming down the court, preventing them getting to the edge easily, or offering them the easy option into that tall shooter.

Further more, try actually getting the GK to drop off the body of the GS, work on her timing for the intercept. If she's standing tight on, or even if GS is double marked, a good GS will be able to angle so the feed goes into the right space. If the defence stands off a little way, it actually makes the feed a little more difficult to judge - they might not get as much height or strength on the pass, and with quick feed and good timing, your GK can get a decent intercept - especially if there has been pressure on all the passes coming down the court too!

You can also get your GK to put pressure on the GS as soon as she takes the ball by putting hands over the ball before she has a chance to lift ball into shooting posiition.  It is all pressure that should shake up the GS.


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