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New coach teaching new netballers Help

Would love some advice, I am a new coach about to start coaching 7-8 year olds who have never played netball before. I would love any advice you have for a new coach on how to structure the training session, any drills I should start with and fun ways to teach them the basic skills of netball

Hi Allison,

To structure a session you should always start by thinking about what you want to achieve by the end of the session, whatever this may be will therefore be the focus throughout. Your session should have a warm-up drill that gets your players moving but begins to incorporate the focus of the session. For example if your focus was spreading out and finding space, with this age group you might have a warm-up game of tails where players will unconsciously be looking for space to avoid getting tagged. 

You should then move into a 'skills development' section. This will include a series of drills starting with more basic drills, moving into more complex drills. Here you can plan progressions etc. for each drill depending on ability. 

The final section is 'skill implementation' where you allow your players to demonstrate what they have learnt. This can be as simple as a normal game of netball where you reward players for demonstrating the focus of the session. 

Yes, I would advise you start with the basics - passing, movement and introducting the stages of defense. 

Hope this helps. 

Hi Eleanor.  I can see you have a lot of constructive answers on Sportplan.  Do you happen to have training sessions for an 18 week season for U13 Players (who have all been playing netball for several years now) that you would think would develop and teach them to be a super effective team?  I'm just trying to work out the best way to coach to have success and if someone has the tools already to go, that would make life so much easier rather than starting from scratch!  Cheers 

Hi Christie, 

Unfortunately I don’t have a specific plan as I coach a range of ages but I can of course help and guide you. If you let me know what you want to achieve or looking for I can help you give your season some structure. What are your teams strengths or weaknesses/ability etc.? 

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Hi Allison, to be honest at 7 - 8, they should be just enjoying netball, no one should expect too much at this age. As long as they understand the 3rds, their positions, etc. Incorporate a fun environment into your training sessions, drills etc otherwise you'll just lose their attention. One good game is have ecmven two teams lined up on the baseline corners. At same time, two run forward on the side line all the way down until the other goal third (basically around the goal 3rd and centre 3rd) and meet on that line, they then rock , paper, scissors, whoever loses run back to their original corner, the winner proceeds to run the line, and the next opposing runner runs forward to meet the winner, rock paper scissors again, the aim is who can get to their opposing corner first - kids love it:)
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