Cops And Robbers

category: Small-games

Netball Cops and Robbers Small games The cops must defend the diamonds (netballs) and protect them from the robbers who are trying to steal them and ...


category: Small-games

Netball Islands Small games Create all different islands on the court by using cones. Players need to get in pairs with 1 ball between 2. You need 1 ...

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Netball - warm up game: switch

Switch is a game which can work on your player's spatial awareness, reaction time & speed. Equipment • Flat makers (You can use cones BUT do not forge...

Netball fun league - back to netball

Netball Fun League run Back to Netball sessions in and around the Gloucestershire area. It's a great way to keep fit and meet new friends. Whether you...


Netball Fun and Games

Get your team bonding and leaving training with a smile, by using this fun and games session!


Community Drills

defensive game (OPTIONAL)

depending on the time this is a fun game to test their defending skills.dont tell the girls what they are doing or that it is a game just yet otherwis...