Who can send me an example of a training session for?

Who can send me an example of a training session for?

Who can send me an example of a training session for a A3 team where the training lasts 1 hours from warn up to warm down

Netball CoachCoach
Netball CoachCoach

Hi Paul, I coach an A3 team also, our training lasts for 90 mins, i know its hard at times to make it last that long. 10 mins - running to warm up, stretching etc also 10 mins - passing, all types. 10 mins - zone defence practice (depends if you use zone in your games, i do and ask that my girls practise for 10-15 mins just to get it right, this way, they also get so used to doing it, it becomes a natural part of their game. 10 mins - drill such as standing in a circle with 2 players in the middle (like piggy in the middle), the girls on the circle have to pass around to eachother but they cant pass to the player next to them, the 2 girls in the middle have to try and get the ball, one of them must yell out 'front' if they want to defend the pass, and the other must yell out 'back', it teaches them to talk and listen to each other with what they are doing, this is great for everyone in the team to learn. 5 mins - quick decision making drill - i did one last night which worked pretty well. 5 mins - circuit, or some running drill, keep up their fitness. 5 - 10 mins - sometimes i will throw a fun game in their, not sure if you know of 'golden child', but although my A3's are 'older' girls, they still love a fun game thrown in here and there, gets them laughing and bonding, but they are so competetive and its great to see. We played another one last night which i got from the sportsplan website, 4 girls passing about 2 metres apart, in a square, and i put 4 cones around the girls passing, the girls on the otehr 'team' had to run around them as they pass, the girls passing have to see how many times they can pass around the 'square' until the other team have each run around them twice, hope that makes sense, again, its good for passing, running, and fun. 10 mins - i would always either do half court with my girls, or better still, see if the A1's or 2's are available for a game... 5 mins - warm down hope this helps you a little, it should definately be enough for the hour you have them for. Cheers, Karen

Ian MarshCoach, England

Try the Sportplan sessions of the week. They are designed as hour long sessions but can easily be extended and modified to suit a longer training session.

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