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help needed!!!!!!!!!


Im coaching a mixture of girls (aged from 13-16 years) some who havent never played in their lifes and some very lazy.. How do i get them hungry and motivated towards the ball.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

thank you coach

Hmm, tricky one. Drills are a great way to get them moving in a structured way. I love all the resources on this site for training. If you sign up and get the weekly newsletter they deal with a different topic each week and I have found them to be really helpful.

If they haven't played before then you really need to start with the basics. Landing, pivoting, throwing catching etc - I know this sounds basic but if they don't get that right they can't move on to more complex stuff or have a chance of being competitive.

Sometimes penalties for dropping the ball or not working to directions can work. make them run around the court or do pushups etc.

My daughter was in a team of absolutely lovely girls but they didn't have a hungry streak in their combined bodies. We started to get them to "meet the ball" and pretend it was Justin Beiber or One Direction LOL - whoever is their pinup of choice. It sounds crazy but it made a huge difference - say, "if you stand there and wait for the ball to come for you, another fan is going to race in and grab it - make sure you get there first".

Also talk to them about why they want to play netball. Tell them that part of being in a team is being committed to playing the best they can and they need to make an effort to make sure they improve and work as a team. I also tell my girls that I don't expect them to win every game but I do expect them to give 100%. Walking off the court when you know you have done your best -win or lose is a great feeling.

i agree with Allie in that you have to find their currency to motivate them, but i think the biggest hurdle to get over, is that most girls dont think its cool to try hard.  so as Allie suggested, penalise them for not contributing to the standard you expect.  we had a drill about passing the ball between to players and you did this at one end of the court.  if something dropped the ball then the whole team ran to the other end of the court and they would have to switch passing positions (so as not to disadvantage one end).  another way is to reward them with something fun if they train hard.  i always like the parent vs kids game as its a lot of fun.  or maybe kids coach the coach and you will see how much they have learned in that time.  but they only get to do these things if they train at a level you are happy with.

hope that helps.

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