The 4 Ds - Deny, Dominate and be Decisive in Defence

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If you want an adrenaline filled netball session then this is the plan for you - it's packed full of original practices and detailed coaching points to help your players dominate in defence.

After using this plan all your players, no matter what position they play, will be able to not only attack but defend with confidence.

What's in the Session?

To get your players thinking about effective ways to force an error and take possession of the ball successfully we begin with a full court game of Steal ball before then developing the skill in smaller groups - designed to get players closing down the space, denying the player on the ball an easy pass and forcing the ball out wide.

We then use fun games (see demo drill below) to build upon your players' communication and teamwork skills to help players turn over the ball and converting it into a goal.

Netball game - Gladiators

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