Triangle For Getting Free

category: Getting-free

Netball Triangle for Getting Free Getting free Set up a triangle of attackers (3m apart) with a defender in the middle of them. The person at the top...

Cutting The Angle

category: Defence

Netball Cutting the Angle Defence Get into 3's with one ball Set up 4 cones ... stand approximately 2-3 meters in front of the cones One player will ...

Run ahead Getting free - Netba...

... and the players without the ball in the left. Player without the ball runs ahead to the cone just in front of the cone the player cuts to the oth...

4 Corners - Short Long

category: Movement

One ball, 1/3 space, 6 players.

4 feeders form a square.

1 defender and 1 attacker work in the middle of the square.

Attacker is ...


Getting Free - find the Space!

Improve how your players find space and get free with this movement session - complete with free Task Cards to accompany the session!