Getting Free - find the Space!

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Use this session to develop your players' movement skills, so they can lose their marker and find space on the court. The practices increase in difficulty as you progress through the session - meaning your players will need to keep working hard to outwit their opponent.

This session includes a getting free circuit which covers 8 different techniques including the Double Dodge, Front Cut and Half Turn.

Use this session to give your players plenty of practice and ensure they all have a good range of space finding techniques. By using skills such as dummying and being quick, it?ll give your players the best chance to get free from their marker. Give them the confidence to escape from the opposition to meet the pass!

Free Task Cards to accompany this session:

Task CardsSave yourself time and use our 8 simple cards to mark out each station of the Getting Free Circuit.

Download your task cards (PDF) here.

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