Cones - Run/Balance/Shoot

category: Shooting

Feeder starts on the edge of the circle. Worker 1 runs around a cone, drives into the circle to receive the ball before making the shot. Rebound, fe...

Weave And Shoot - Relay Race

category: Shooting

Set up two equal lines of players, stood behind 5 cones which lead into the goal circle.Each player must weave around the cones, picks up the ball and...

10 Passes Before Shooting

category: Shooting

The three attackers start at the transverse line and must make five passes before passing to shooters. A further five passes must be made before a sho...

Tired Shooting

category: Shooting

Players must sprint from one cone to another as fast as they can, making sure they bend down and touch each cone.After the final cone they should driv...

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