Drill Categories

Getting free Drills

Netball is all about getting free, losing your marker or making clearing runs so they can receive the ball without it being intercepted. There's plent...


4 Corner Drill

category: Getting-free

Minimum of 8 players with 2 balls (balls start on diagonally opposite corners). Players 1 and 3 run to their left towards the player that is going to ...

Get Away!

category: Getting-free

Split your players into 3s and select 2 lines on the court (ideally getting players to work within a third of the court each). On the whistle the att...

Run Out And Touch Cone - Conditioned Game

category: Small-games

After players have made a pass they must then run to any cone on the outside of the court and touch it before re-joining the game. Depending on the ab...

Pass For Points

category: Attack

Split your players into 2 teams of 5. Teams play inside the coned area. The first team to complete 10 consecutive passes scores a point. Number of pla...

Web Videos

Netball fitness circuit

An explosive netball specific circuit drill. This will work on your speed, power, change of pace and stability. For more Fitness Fridays training vide...



Movement Skills - The Roll

Help your players to receive the pass with this space-finding session, getting players to escape their marker with the spin and go!