Clear Before The Line

category: Goal-keeping

Goal keeper stays on the line until the coach roles a ball towards the edge of the circle the Goal keeper has to run and touch the ball before it l...

Combinations - Dynamic Actions

category: Indoor-Hockey

Drill to work on the movement of players to build an attack. The shot can either come near post if the goal keeper is out of position. Ideally the s...

Exploring The Back Line

category: Shooting-Goalscoring

Player 1 runs into the circle and if the defender does not approach, player 1 can shoot at goal. Alternatively if the defender approaches, player ...

Goal Keeper Circuit

category: Goal-keeping

Place the 4 balls as shown 2 on the 23 meter line 1 right and one left in the circle.

Goal keeper starts on the line.

Goal keep...

Web Videos

Best field hockey saves ever!

These are some of the best field hockey goal saves ever and they show just how skills these keepers are. Some of these saves look impossible, but the ...


Community Drills

Scoring and baseline attack

Drill for transfering the ball and attacking the baselinePlayer A hits ball accross to player B then takes a 2nd ball and runs into the circle and sho...

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Warm up drill for Goal Keepers 6 Balls each 3 points for each goal