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Goalkeeper sessions for juniors needed!

Any sessions for junior keepers would be appreciated. I started keeping at 40 and though I know the things I hated in training ... ie let us all come and kill the keeper, I need help putting together a session or two specifically geared at our under 13 keepers, and an extremely talented under 15 one.

Helen, I find anything with a tennis ball works for coaching junior keepers. If you can't hit them cleanly, throw them. They must save the goal, but also control the tennis ball so it is directed downwards, and not back at you (eg dangerous to an incoming player). A well struct tennis ball moves faster than any hockey ball they will see at their level, and if they can save those they are doing great, and build confidence for a harder ball.

Helen, I have a series of drills that you may be interested in. They go from beginner (single attacker, simple movements) to intermediate (multiple attackers, active defence) to advanced (multiple attackers, multiple defenders, aggressive defence). Could you please narrow down what type and level of drills you would be interested in

David, I'd be interested in your drills as well.

I am coaching total beginners through to regional juniors.  I'm always looking for new material

David, I would like to know more about your drills as well,a s I am coaching U12 beginner GK, and would like to know how to approach it for there age group. Thanks!


Hey ladies, Sorry about the delay - I have been travelling around Australia with my boys. Back now and will put together a package ASAP.

Hi David, I am also a hockey coach in primary school and would appreciate it if you can sent me some of your drills to please

Hi David, I am coaching U12/U14 keepers and would also love to see your drills. I am always looking for new drills. Thanks from Columbus, Ohio

Hi all - my basic is Kath Partridge's book "Goal keeping skills & drills" (Kath is an former Hockeyroos GK. Read the inro from Ric Charlesworth). I can apply the drills over all age groups from U.11 to U 17. Check Kath's website for further details.

I have some drills that I have made for goalkeepers who are Under 11/13 if anyone would like to have some>

Hello, just a quick reminder that you can attach session plans, drills and sketches to your answers. Simply click the "Add attachment" button for the following options:

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If you need any additional help attaching materials to this answer thread please email the relevant materials (and a link to this page) to


Sorry all about the delay I have been trying to attach small videos showing each drill - but a bit to clever for me. I am sending everything to the Sportplan team so they can attach to this page. Also John is on the money with Kathlene Partridges book - fantastic resource.

Please find attached David's excellent goalkeeping session, complete with video drills and detailed notes.

Attached Plan: Goalkeeper Training
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