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I have done numerous exercises on goalscoring but my girls cant seem to finish. Any suggestions?

Dear Brigitte

One very simple tip which might work for you is:

To ask your players to make one more pass in the circle before they score this normally means that a chance of scoring an open goal is created.

For example when a player runs into the circle and would normally shoot they should pass the ball to a space or player on the left or right ( passing right to left is easier and creates in general more goal scoring opportunities) 

Playing this rule will make players support the player running into or receiving the ball in the circle because they know that the player has to lookfor one more pass.

Where as the opposition will commit to defending the innitial goalscoring opportunity.

Important for this to work is to commit to it and not allow players to take the first scoring opportunity.

Later on in the season you can mix it up again.

I hope this works for you


Where are they breaking down in there attack, inside 23 metres, inside circle, or actual shots on goal. Look to see if you can determine where and then work backwards to develop a drill that will correct the situation.

A little more detail on whats not working may elicit further responses from the viewers.

Agree with Bram, extra passm cuts out defence and opens up goals.

Are they trying to hit cover off ball or push/slap hit it in. A deflection also works well in these cases.


do you have an goalkeeper during practice, this change a lot, if you practice with or without a goalkeeper. If you don't have a goal keeper you can put cones in the corners of the goal, the players get an point when they score between the cone and the pole.

good luck


Obviously I do not know how you train your girls but it is extremely important not to do loads and loads of drills on straight striking. (diagram below)


It is important that your players learn how to attack across the goal keeper. In  an example below it outlines the attacking players (blue) work away from the top of the D. Ball carrier (blue 1) runs with the ball outside the D in an arc then passes it to the scorer (blue 2) who runs away from the goal watching the ball carrier as soon as the ball carrier looks open he (blue 2) changes direction and runs towards the goal. As soon as the ball carrier notices this change of direction he should pass the ball to the scorer (blue 2) across the goal keeper, resulting in the goal keeper of balance as he is watching the ball carrier. Then the scorer uses one touch to hit the ball into the goal.


The reason that this works is that the players will be watching the ball carrier and the defence will not be able to adjust to the quick change of direction by the player who is in the D.


Obviously this is only an example, it can be changed for any age or skill level.


Hope this helps!




Hi Rob, 

we see you've tried to attach an image to your answer. If you would like to try again you can attach chalkboard diagrams, drills or even sessions using the 'Add Diagram' button.

If you fancy having another go I've attached details explaining how to add diagrams.

All the best,

The Sportplan Team


Adding a chalkboard to answer a question

  1. Create a chalkboard
  2. Save it and then Add to clipboard.
  3. Go to the question you want to answer.
  4. Click on Post answer to this question and type your answer.
  5. Then click on Add diagram and click on Clipboard.
  6. Insert your chalkboard drawing and click Answer!

I'm a striker/forward as well...

  1. i find the easiest way of scoring is taking a fake/dummy shot to trick the keeper and then just hit it in to the goal.
  2. if that dosn't seem to be working you could try drag flicks, they add alot of power and height to a shot
  3. and if all else fails just lay the ball of for somebody to run on to and blast into the net

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