4 Goal Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey 4 Goal Game Conditioned Games Game with 4 goals - where each team has two goals in which they can score. Make sure that the distance between ...

King Ball

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey King Ball Conditioned Games This is a game where you learn to pass the ball beyond defenders, to players in space. No aerial ball allowed. Two...

3V3: Open Play

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey 3v3: Open Play Conditioned Games - 3 vs 3 - Small goals either end of an area - Ball must be taken through the goal under control - Once a goa...

4 Zone - 2V1 Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey 4 Zone - 2v1 Game Conditioned Games 2 teams play a 6v6 game, with a left and a right central zone marked out with cones. In each of the centra...

Web Videos

Agility drills for field hockey

Speed and Agility Drills are not only good for improving your performance and power, they are good for technical practice for reducing injuries to ank...

Strength & conditioning for hockey

BBC Breakfast presenter Mike Bushell trains with the GB women's hockey team ahead of the Rio 2016 Olympics and looks at the benefits of their Strength...

Vlog 2: field hockey conditioning

For my second vlog, NOT TOO SHABBY!!! This video is two weeks old but it's just too good to not post :-) Just another day of fockeying it up with the ...


Free hits outside the D

See free-hits around the circle as a massive opportunity to take the initiative and create guilt-edge chances at goal.

Receiving the ball under pressure

Conditioned games to improve your players' peripheral vision, so they can use their first touch when receiving the ball to move into space


Community Drills


CONDITIONED GAME 1: Normal hockey rules If attacking team scores a goal, in which the build up play passes through the flat markers, the goal counts a...

Conditioned Games

Start with a game whereby the two teams pair up and the pairs are the only people within each team that can tackle that player.Progress it ......