Hockey Drill Demonstration


This is a game where you learn to pass the ball beyond defenders, to players in space. No aerial ball allowed. Two teams positioned either side of the 23m line. One player from each team goes to the end zone behind the opposing team. The team with the ball has to try and pass the ball into the end zone behind the defence. Whoever makes the successful pass can join the player in the end zone. The aim of the game is to be the first team to have all their players in the end zone behind the opposition. The ball can only be won by the opposition intercepting a ball on the way to the end zone or back.

Coaching points

  • Be patient with this game, it will work, but the first player out may take time.
  • To make the practice easier widen the area, then when the players understand the game, make the area smaller.
  • No hitting allowed.
  • It is important that the players react quickly when they intercept the ball. By looking to pass the ball immediately to their players in the end zone, because the other team will not be ready for it.
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