Hockey Drill Demonstration


- Pitch split into 9 zones (3 x 3)
- 6 vs 6
- Can only ever have one forward and one defender in each area
- Forwards (white) cannot dribble ball from one area to another
- Defenders (red) cannot make a challenge, only intercept passes
- Players should post between the different areas to move up the pitch
-If ball is turned over, drill continues, with the red team becoming the forwards and the white team becoming the defenders

Coaching points

- have forwards (white) constantly attacking until turnover occurs i.e alternating the goal being attacked
- alternate the team that is attacking, so each team only ever scores in one goal
- Goalkeeper should be constantly talking to there defense


- Allow defenders to tackle
- Introduce rules (number of touches, non-verbal, maximum time spent in each box, must change box once you've played a pass etc.)

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