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How to run fair club trials with my U13s (using point system etc)?

I have a u/13 hockey team. Is there another way to have fair traiils with e.g. drills and a point system ather than just playing a game?

Assume you mean Trials for players (i'm crappy typist as well!)

For our regional squads 20-30 players trying out. we have 3-5 observers who watch the players whilst they are run through a normal training session and practice match. Each observer has equal number of players to watch and they have a checklist of skills, abilities to score the players on. This allows either you to run the session and observe quietly yourself or you could have someone else run the training session and be an observer yourself. after the session the observers get together and discuss the players based on the observations made (we also run three trainings to try and ensure noone is having an off day). using this method takes some of the arguements out of , " why is so and so  in and not my child".

hope this helps

cheers ian koch 

First point, remember that they are U13 so some of the kids hat are weaker now might end up being better than the stronger ones so don't disregard them totally and try to develop them all.

But if you need to have trials, look at the core skills and write them down. Then in Small Sided or Conditioned Games as well as drills, score them out of 4. Not 5 as it is too easy to give 3's when you cant make a decision!.

The scores can be used not only to justify selection, but as feedback for the players/parents/teachers etc. and also to identify individual/collective weaknesses that need addressing. So you know what your topics for training are over the season or programme of sessions etc.

Good luck.


Chris M.


A number of clubs in my county are using the Cores skills defined by ENgland Hockey Board (which we use at County and Regional level to assess) and using these to make player assessments. The scores are out of 4 with 4 being above the expected standard for the age group, 3 being at the standard, 2 being not consistently at standard (but can perform it) and 1 not being at the required standard. The core skills not only cover ball cary and hitting, but also attacking and defensive play as well physicl things such as speed and agility and lastly game decision making and mental toughness.

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  • search our library of 1000+ hockey drills
  • create your own professional coaching plans
  • or access our tried and tested plans