1 V 1 Move Through Channels

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Set out cones on lines creating lanes across or down the pitch, each lane approx 2m wide. The player with the ball runs diagonally across the lanes...

1 V 1 Practice Relay

category: Eliminating-a-Player

One player (the defender) stands between two cones and is only allowed to move left or right with stick and body in that area. The player with the bal...

1/2 Court Press

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

The 1/2 court press is again a team effort and relies on all players joining in and being disciplined.

The 1/2 court press is a bit like spa...

1V1 Different Angle Into Circle

category: Eliminating-a-Player

Playing 1v1, try and score. It is important to play at speed and go close round the defender.

Defender has to try and get possession of...

2D/3D: Combining Elimination Skills

category: 3D-skills

- Player peforms a sharp change of direction, followed by a stick dink from hockey position, and finish with a one handed lift
- Combining 2D ...

3D Skills

category: 3D-skills

- Carrying the ball in different position
- Working on footwork
- Playing position from red to blue cone
- Sharp roll/turn at first ...

4 Goal Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Game with 4 goals - where each team has two goals in which they can score.

Make sure that the distance between the 2 goals encourages the pla...

4 Vs 4 Possession

category: Possession

Play keep ball. Teams need to keep possession for as long as possible or up to a set number of passes (first to 10 passes etc.)

Try and take...

4V4 Endzone Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Set-up the pitch as shown. Place one player from each side in the opposite End Zone.

Players have to try and get the ball to the player in t...

9 Zone: Full Game

category: Conditioned-Games

- Pitch split into 9 zones (3 x 3)
- 6 vs 6
- Multiple players from each team in one area
- Forwards (white) can dribble ball from o...

Web Videos

Hockey change

Hockey is to undergo a much needed and dramatic change according to Kookaburras boss Ric Charlesworth The dual Olympic gold medal winning coach ...



Bite size fitness 7

Burst out of the blocks with this sprint and agility hockey conditioning session, and add a fitness element to your training today

Passing under Pressure

Create pressure situations to improve how your players can pass when they're under pressure and have to think fast!

Community Drills

Déplacement attaquants 2

Chaque Attaquant est dans une zone (gauche, centre, droit) avec un défenseur.Le JB au milieu doit faire la passe à un attaquant.Pour recevoir la balle...


Start with a 1v1, only need 4 cones and a ball. The player that starts with the ball will pass to their partner, the drill has now begun, the player w...


JEU de PASSESDans 1 carré de 5 M de côté,les deux joueurs en mouvement, s’ échangent continuellement la balle au solou en l’ air pendant 1 mn.Le GK ut...