Back And Catch

category: Lob

Players 1, 2 and 3 feed a ball underarm high over the net to 4, 5 and 6. Players 4, 5 and 6 must try and catch the balls above their heads with on...

Ball Sidestepping

category: Movement

Both players side step along the tramlines throwing the ball (underarm)to each other until they reach the net and then return to the baseline doing...

Catch And Hit

category: Smash-Drills

The player stand at the net, with cones set up in the deuce corner. The coach feeds a lob - the player moves to the ball, catches the ball in the h...

Catch The Ball Inside The Ladder

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

The player stands facing the ladder, and then performs jumping pattern (inside the ladder, outside the ladder, jump to the side). Every time the pl...

Web Videos

Julio jones: tennis ball training

Why would an NFL wide receiver practice catching tennis balls? Everything to Prove rookie, Julio Jones explains why the technique helps him on the fie...



Work with the Depth

Catch the opposition off guard by mixing up the depth of the volley, with this session!

Nail the Approach Shot

Work on your player's approach shots and coming to the net with this plan. Get them sprinting to the ball and hitting it out of reach down the line!

King Of The Deuce

Teach your players to become king of the deuce side and dominate opponents!

Community Drills

Catch and back in

Coach or another player feeds the ball in and the player must hit the ball back and it must land in court if the player misses the ball or it goes out...

Control Is The Key

The coach throws an easy ball to the player who hits a forehand shot back to the coach. The Coach then throws the ball back again but this time the pl...

Autosave 66241168

Player starts on the service line. Feeds ball side to side with player shuffling. Coach feeds the ball to each side and calls Right or Left.. regardin...

Seal Clap - 5 minutes

Get to know the tennis ball1) Players have one ball each and find and open space2) Players throw the ball into the air, just above their head, aiming ...