You Don't Need Power To Win!

Help your players learn to disrupt the opposition?s rhythm, by mixing it up with this backspin shots session! Use a mix of different shots to catch the opponent off guard, such as the slice, executing the spin perfectly in the right situation.

What's in the Session?

Warm up with strength and conditioning exercises to get your player ready for a session where all their shot types will be put to the test. Once ready for the session, get your players working on all different kinds of shot, from the drop shot to the lob, so you can help them prepare for various different situations on court. It?s important that your players think tactically and know when is the right moment to pull off a certain shot, giving them the best chance of catching the opposition unawares.

Show your players that you don?t need power to win! Improve their slicing skills and watch them mixing it up on court.

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