Chasing The Pass

category: Passing

Keep your player briefing short, and get the ball moving around the circle as quickly as possible.

  • First have the players move the bal...

Clapping Game

category: Passing

Tell your players the following.

  1. Lets just get the ball moving clockwise for a while, just to get the ball moving through the hands.


category: Passing

  1. There will be one ball carrier at any one time.
  2. They will run around the circle, passing the ball.
  3. The ball must be handled...

Hands Up / Hands Down

category: Passing

  • Lets just get the ball moving clockwise for a while, just to get the ball moving through the hands.
  • After a minute or two, lets swit...

Web Videos

Rookie rugby games: circle passing

Circle Passing is the perfect way to introduce rugby passing for athletes. Focus on basic passing and catching techniques. Add in some competition and...


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Strike the perfect balance between fitness and rugby drills in this challenging session, using fun games and fitness drills to get players looking for...

Fitness Testing Session

Work up a sweat with this fitness and conditioning rugby session - testing Aerobic Fitness, Anaerobic Fitness, Flexibility, Power and Strength

Handling Refresher

Are you ready to handle the new season? - Improving their passing, catching and ball carrying skills


Community Drills

Name Ball

Set up 10m x 10m gridWithin grid make a circle of 6 conesCoach stands in middle of cones with balls.Minimum one player stands 1m back from each cone.1...

Circle game

Red player tryst to catch the yellow player and tap on back with ball 10 secondsChange to add two players with ball, ball to touch yellow players back...

Punting Exercise

Field is laid out with 3 circles of different sizes. #10 to punt with ball landing in the 3 zones. Defender is added to place pressure on kicker.

Passing Exercise

Passing4 players stand snext to each other and pass sideways from left to right (no running involved)As the passing improves they can make forward mov...