Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • One of your players will be the passer, and the other the catcher.
  • The passer goes to one of the circles that has ball and the catcher goes to the empty circle.
  • Using a pass from the deck, the passer passes the ball from each cone to the catcher, who sets the ball at a cone.
  • Once the passer has finished one circle, they move to the next, and the catcher moves to the empty circle.
  • The speed of this activity should build as the players get better.
  • Don't forget to change the passer and catcher.

Coaching points

  • SH uses both hands for passing.
  • Passing should be at pace, repeating correctly again and again to build mussel memory.
  • Receiver should be encouraging.
  • SH can experiment with one set of quick lift and pass, and one set of passing from the ground with no lift.
  • Have SH pass with just one hand, to switch things up and to build the quality of the pass with both hands.

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