Drill Categories

Practices for Juniors

The junior videos and drills are designed to introduce and teach youth players to the correct techniques and skills they will in rugby, in a safe and ...

Scrum Drills

A scrum involves eight players from each side locking heads with the opposition. It is a way of restarting play after the ball has gone out to touch, ...


Simple Back Line

category: Backs-Moves

Simple demonstration of a standard back line9 10 12 13 15 14

3 On 2 Attack And Defence Drill

category: Defensive-Patterns

Set an area with two different coloured cones on the touch line in the middle, one for defenders and one for attackers. At the prompt of the coach the...

2 V 2 (Switch)

category: Decision-making

This is a basic 2 v 2 drill to allow players to progress from a simple 2 v 1. In a channel no wider than 10m, 2 attackers have 5 attempts to score ...

Web Videos

Rugby for beginners (english)

RUGBY for BEGINNERS The wonderful game of rugby has many complex rules. If you want to watch a game and don't want to feel like a jerk when you cheer ...

A guide to learning about rugby

Looking for a instructional video on A Guide To Learning About Rugby? This practical bite-size tutorial explains exactly how it's done, and will help ...

Rugby 101

A basic overview of the rules of rugby. And if you want to pull this video for your own use, I suggest you look up Keepvid.com. Sorry I haven't been a...



2v1 Attacking Skills Session

Improve your players' 2v1 confidence and introduce them to the dummy pass, support running and offloading in this attacking session!


Community Drills

The Thousands

These plays are perfect for younger teams as they only require one set up with the 10 making the call as to who gets the ball1000: 1000 is your basic ...

Basic Passing Techniques

Veteran player pairs with RookiePlayers do in between the leg wrist "pop" flicksThen do pop passes togetherThen race down the line doing pop...