Developing fluid passing and movement skills to beat the defence

Develop your beginners into skillful, ball playing attackers. Build a confidence in your players to make passes, try little skills and be bold with their movements to be able to beat a defence every time.

Have the confidence to show your personality on the field.

What's in the session?

Begin the session with a professional warm up to get them into the habit of thoroughly preparing for the session. The technical session develop the players decision making and basic skills with a possession game, before looking to refine their skills. After working on the passing skills themselves, the players begin to incorporate some movement into their play, looking to replicate the technique whilst on the move. This will then be practiced in the final modified game to get used to using the skills and movement to be able to drift past the defenders at ease.

Technique Focus - Get the basic techniques perfected and begin to develop them with movement patterns.

Improve the basics and move cleverly to eliminate the defence.

This session is available as part of an Interactive Coaching Pack, scroll down to learn more

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