Comparing Wa Vs Ga Centre Pass

category: Getting-free

Netball Comparing WA vs GA Centre Pass Getting free Using one side of a court set up two centre pass scenarios with a feeder standing in the middle o...

Wa And Ga Coordinating Centre Pass

category: Attack

Netball WA and GA coordinating Centre Pass Attack Set up a big square 9m x 9m, split into four 3m x 3m squares. It can be put into the context of cou...

Attacking Centre Pass

category: Attack

Netball Attacking Centre Pass Attack GA and WA start on the line squeezing their defenders into the middle. This opens up space to run into Has to be...

Wa/Ga Cross

category: Centre-Pass-Set-Plays

Netball WA/GA Cross Centre Pass Set Plays The WA and GA will set up centrally and off the line - ensuring they are both ball side (with their defende...


Establish Effective Passing

Maintain possession of the ball with clinical passing all over the court and begin to use passes to eliminate defenders at ease.


Community Drills

Back-line Pass 1

This option can be taken when the GD has a little room to run onto the circle and is not being double-tagged by a dropping GS. GK to create movme...

10 passes to score

Description1 team starts with the ball in their third and tries and make 10 consecutive passes. The other team can send 2 players across to try and wi...

Autosave 5981943

C to WD to WAWA leads out and away on a half clear before driving past GA screen to ballside pocket.