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rotation for 10 aside

Hi I'm all new to Netball and coaching under 9's. We have 10 aside. Can anyone help in the best way to do a rotation form.At them moment I have a list with names and positions then each week I just move the name down to the next position so they play that position for the entire game and the resting players alternate eg with C or WD or GK each quarter. Are they the main positions to rotate with? Thank you for your time.

Me personally would have 8 players that have 3/4 game and 2 players that have half game. Each week I would rotate to so everyone has the half games. At 9 & under they should be all experiencing every position on court. It has to be fun or they may not come back. There is plenty of time for them to play in just one or two positions. Good luck and have fun :)

I divide the team into goalies (GS, GA, and include WA)  Centre court  (WA, C, WD) and Defenders (WD, GD, GK)

so it goes

WA,       GS,        GS,         OFF                        

GA,        OFF,       GA,        GS                         

GS,         GA,       OFF,       GA                  

OFF,       WA,       C,            C                             

C,            C,            WD,       OFF                        

WD,       WD,       WA,       WA                         

GD,        OFF,       GK,         GK                          

GK          GK,         OFF        GD                          

OFF        GD          GD          WD                         

then I keep the girls in their 'third' for 3 weeks and rotate them through each position in that third, if that makes sense. I've always had 9 so it's been a little easier with 3 in each section.  It means you can spend three weeks training them for those positions on the court and by playing similar positions for 3 weeks they can get a handle on some more sophisticated tactics for the position i.e. reading the play better, getting into positions to receive the ball better etc.You can also ensure that you have a stronger player in each section which allows the ball to flow down the court as you have a stronger player in each third.

Thank you very much

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Ive been coaching under 9s for a while.i have one captain nominated for each game and they play a full game . i have one player have a "rest" week so she stays at home or comes and cheers her team mates 

I rotate the other 8 girls though I keep it simple (they each have 1/4 off) as I found that if I rotated them in too many positions during one game they'd get confused . For instance id have 




4. WA WA off C


good luck!!


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Hi - I have 10 girls in my u10 team. We have been told to make sure each player rotates through every position over the season. I change positions every quarter - but try to keep the girls playing either Attack or Defence positions. For 10 players I have 8 having 1 qtr off and 2 having 2 qtrs off.


GK GD sub WD

WA sub GA GS

sub WA C sub

C sub WD GK


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