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Best and fairest way to rotate a team of 9?


I found keeping a record of who is on and off each quarter/half and balancing it over the season is the easiest (I don't include the days they are away). this is really hard when you have to bench your best players but all have paid the same money and have done the same training and deserve the same amount of court time over the season. Cheers and good luck (I have the same issue in one team with 9 but my other team has 10)

Hi Dianne, If you want to email me I'll send you a Player position rotation template or you can download it from kidzplay netball website. It covers rotations for 7-10 player teams. In this league all players must change position each week but if you dont need to do that then you can just maintain positions.

Hi. I used the following roster when my girls were younger: 10 players - Off, GK, GD, off, WD, C, WA, off, GA, GS. 9 players - GK, GD, WD, off, C, WA, GA, off, GS. 8 players - GK, GD, WD, C, off, WA, GA, GS. Each quarter the girls move position in this order, next game they go to the next position on roster. I found this gives all players experience in all positions and solves all the arguements.

Look at who comes to trainings each week. Who excells during each game and committed. I have 10 players and i have also found it hard to make it fare for every player to come on even if its only 1 quarter. But usually 1st quat, go with strongest lineup. if anyone isnt performing take them off, doesnt matter if you think that she is stronger then other placement but it will show where she needs to be consistant without slacking off. Practice alot of different combinations within your training session because you will find that changes will become sudden and you need to know that you have tryed eveybody everywhere. good luck

Hey Dianne, I think it can sometimes depend on the age of the girls you are coaching. If you have young children, of course they want game time and they expect it, in that case you may just have to use a roster and stick to it so if someone complains, you can show that you have done up a fair roster. I have very experienced girls, they are all extremely competetive and want to be on court for the whole game. They were all told from the very beginning of the season, that if they want to play a full game, they need to prove their spot. I always play my strongest team every game in the 1st quarter, and if the week before one of the girls that I dont normally start on proved her way into the starting side more than the other, than she will start. I also said that if they are not at training, they will not play a full game, I have only personally had that twice, and those girls have not started on the court. All depends how you want to go about it, but the girls that train, should be considered over the girls who couldnt make it. Its always a touch difficult, but good luck.

With my under 11 side we are committed to everyone having equal time off court and equal time in all positions. This is so they all learn each position, and because at this age, different girls develop/mature at different ages, so we could be missing out on a potential star in one position because she is smaller or slower or clumsier at the moment. For 9 players our system is: one player plays a full game (and is also captain for the week), playing one half in either C, GD, GA, GK, GS and the next half in another of those positions. 8 players have a 1/4 off each. So one half they have a 1/4 off and play either WD or WA and in the other half they play either C, GD, GK, GA, GS. Each week a different player is the full game player. We keep a record of each players quarters in each position, ensuring everyone plays equal time in every position. This system means that the 1/4 and 3/4 time changes are simple - the two wings come off and two new players take their place. Everyone changes positions at half time. If someone is away, it is recorded as an absence and not as their time off the court - otherwise it gets too difficult to keep the system working.

I would love a copy of a rotation sheet for 9 plays JH grade?  Any suggestions?

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