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Koru games 2016 - netball final

This is the final in the netball competition at the 2016 Koru Games, a year 7 & 8 South Island sports tournament. The match is played between Hillview...

Netball drills for kids

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Mini Games for Juniors!

Help your junior players bond and play together with this mini games session, with plenty of fun exercises to get them smiling!


Master the Basic Footwork

This session will help improve your player's footwork, in a number of basic but effective drills.


Passing Session - Chest Pass

Chest passing is the most used pass in Netball, so teach your beginners to pass perfectly in their matches.


Protecting Space for Beginners

Can your juniors hold their space when attacking? Use this session to teach them how to hold off defenders and create more space to move into and rece...



Community Drills

Moving Onto Ball (Juniors 1)

Have feeders staggered down the court on alternate sides.The feeders all hold a ball.The working player makes their way down the court receiving a bal...

Practising Straight Line Lead

Good to practise straight leads with juniors.Ball starts with feeder facing away from the rest of the group. Throws the ball in air to catch and turn....


If your players are:timid catching the ball orjust have trouble catching a hard pass oryou want to incorporate some ball work with fitnessthe followin...