Is it obstruction if the shooter steps in?

Is it obstruction if the shooter steps in?

When a shooter steps in when taking a shot the defender does not have to move. Is this rule still current or have they changed it because on saturdays game my defenders were not moving when the shooter stepped in but they were being pulled for obstruction every time. Also if the shooter steps in and you keep your feet still but move your arm is this still obstruction?

nikiCoach, Australia
Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

if the correct distance has been already established between your defender and the shooter, and the shooter then steps in, then this is not obstruction and the defender is allowed to stand their ground and defend the ball.  (the main reason defenders get pulled up is that they have not established thier 3ft BEFORE the shooter steps in).

your defender may stand within 3ft of a shooter (anytime) as long as they do not attempt to defend the ball, and not using intimidation tactics, and their position does no interfer with the shooting or passing action of the shooter.

nikiCoach, Australia

yep my defenders had there proper 3 feet before she stepped in and it wasnt until the shooter stepped in (after about 2 seconds already holding the ball) and my defenders stood there ground that the unpire call obstruction leaving my girls very confused as i have been telling them for weeks not 2 move back if the shooter stepped in. my other question is- if the correct 3 feet were taken and the shooter steps in and my defender holds her ground keeping her feet still but puts her arm down then back up again but still not moving her feet, is this obstruction?

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

if your defender has established her 3 feet from the shooter and the shooter steps in, it shouldnt matter if your player has her hands up or down, as long as her feet were 3ft when the shooter first receives the ball.  its all about her feet first then hands.  thats what i teach my girls.  

why dont you go and question this with the the head umpire before your next game.  my guess either the umpire in question is unsure of the rules, or she is not deeming your player is 3ft.  tell your girls to be 4ft just to be safe and get them to hold their ground.  last resort video tape a game where the shooters like to step in so you can take it to the head umpire so they can make sure their umpires are improving.

Netball CoachCoach

yes players can still get pulled up for obstruction, the reason being if they are actually defending the player/eyes etc. I advise my girls to stand their ground, but as the shooter steps in, direct their arms straight up, to make it clear that they are not obstructing. It is very frustrating, if you make it to the semis etc, rest assured the standard of umpiring usually steps up. Also bear in mind if juniors are umpiring, they need to learn. Umpire convenor should be called so that they can address the matter. Good luck, keep up the good coaching, because when the good umpires take the court, all those kids that have played by the "wrong" rules will be rattled, because they haven't been taught or explained the "true" nature of the game/rules.

Netball CoachCoach

The umpire may be getting confused. She or he should be calling contact. The shooter has every right to step in and the defence have every right to hold their ground. No infringement has occured until the defence (99% of the time) unfortunately contact the shooter. By the sounds of it, the defence are contacting..and that should be the call.

Tony MayPlayer, England

As the attacker steps in, do you think your defenders are lowering their `defending arm` and bringing it in contact with the ball? If this is the case then that would be called against the defender........however on the flip side I had it the other way around the other day - Attacker stepped in , I held my ground with arm outstretched , and the attacker pushed the ball into my hand , and was penalised for that.....

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