Run Ahead

category: Getting-free

Netball Run ahead Getting free Set up 2 lines of cones of, with 5m across ... to the cone just in front of the cone the player cuts to the other line...

Triangle For Getting Free

category: Getting-free

Netball Triangle for Getting Free Getting free Set up a triangle of attackers (3m apart) with a defender in the middle of them. The person at the top...

Getting Free

category: Getting-free

Netball Getting free Getting free The attacker has to try and get free and receive the ball by any of the 4 corner cones on the ... 4 corner cut back...


category: Ball-skills

Netball Reactions Ball skills The worker stands, knees bent slightly and both hands on ears. The feeder holds the ball still in front of the worker's...

Web Videos

Evolution netball - how we train!

Evolution Netball provides a broad understanding of the game, from important footwork skills to perceptional awareness in a fun and safe environment.


Getting Free - find the Space!

Improve how your players find space and get free with this movement session - complete with free Task Cards to accompany the session!



Community Drills

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Front Cuts (In 4 or 5's)A steps in front of D getting the D on their back before moving towards the ballA's hands reach out and stretch toward...

Centre Pass: Split

There are so many variations to this play.Variation one:Players split and WA receives the ball, C drives and front cuts for a pass from WA. GA Rolls a...

Split Lead Feed

1 - Both mid court players (A) lead on 45 angle, Feeder (F) chooses one to pass to2 - Non receiver front cuts and drives onto circle to receive pass f...