Complete The Square

category: Passing

Netball Complete the square Passing Working in a square in groups of 3 (with one corner left empty). Player 2 sprints to the spare corner as player 1...

Up And Across Passing

category: Movement

The stipulation for this drill is that one player can only pass square whereas the other one can only straight forward. After each pass the player ha...

Complete The Square - 3S

category: Passing

Netball Complete The Square - 3s Passing Players 1, 2 and 3 stand on 3 corners of the square. Player 1 has a ball and throws it to the 4th corner for...

Workers In A Square

category: Passing

Netball Workers in a Square Passing Split your group into 8s (2 balls are needed for this pass and move exercise). The balls start on opposite corner...

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