Netball Drill Demonstration


Set up a square of players, 5m x 5m, numbered 1-4 as shown.

A player each from 2 and 3 runs forward. They both look right to receive the passes from 1 and 4 (1 passes to 2, 4 passes to 3).

The 2 and 3 players with the ball then pass forward to the line they are running towards, and join the end of that line.

The players from 2 and 3 who have caught the balls then become the passers for the other diagonal players (from 1 and 4) to run.

  • 20 passes each looking right
  • 20 passes each looking left (3 gets the ball from 1, 2 gets the ball from 4)

Coaching points

The ball placement and timing need to change in each variation.

In the progression ball carriers and runners need to be more aware of whether the other runner will run through the path of the ball.


Change of direction added in. Players must run in a V shape, away from the pass, before changing to run back towards the pass. They still receive the ball from the same Player as before and pass on.

Ball carriers need to be more careful when timing their throws.

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