Forward and Square Passing Play - Fewer Interceptions

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Passing alone won't win your team games. What will win games is quick passing and moving, so your team can speedily progress up the court without losing the ball.

To get your players making the run and anticipating where their teammates are going to run, before the other team does, this session introduces the concept of getting the ball down the court using only forward and square passes.

What's in the Session?

In netball you will often see a lot of diagonal passes being easily intercepted, however, it is harder to intercept a forward pass or a square pass. That's why in this session we work on this passing concept - starting simply with a pairs passing exercise and gradually upping the difficulty through group drills before finishing with two fun conditioned games.

Try this session with your team - You'll be surprised by how few intercepts they give away once they've mastered this skill.

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