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Centre Pass Set Plays Drills

Centre passes are arguably one of the most crucial part of the game, as you are given possession 50% of the time. Every teams aim is to score off ever...


Centre Pass Defence

category: Defence

Netball Centre Pass Defence Defence Have the feeder start on the centre circle. Set up two boxes ... 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Drill Thumbnail V...

Dictating A Centre Pass

category: Defence

Netball Dictating a Centre Pass Defence Set up 3 cones along a transverse line, ... man marking the opposition, building upon their current basic def...

The Backline Pass Roll

category: Movement

Netball The Backline Pass Roll Movement The GK has a back line pass. The Centre takes up her position just in middle of transverse line giving the i...

Defensive Body Position

category: Defence

Netball Defensive Body Position Defence Get into 3's with one ball Set up two cones approximately 4-5 meters apart ... Dictating a Centre Pass Drill ...

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Defending the centre pass

Defending set-piece session designed to help your players put pressure on the opposition from the word "Go!"


Community Drills

Defensive Centre Pass (Squeeze)

GD and WD to wedge GA and WA to centre of the courtC to drop in front of the GA and WAGA and WA start on inside GD and WD Driving both defenders to th...