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tips for new WD players?

(I dont usually play WD,so i`m still getting used to the position.When defending the WA at the centre pass, should i be on the inside or the outside of my player on the line?). How do i defend on the goal circle and try and get intercepts?when should i leave my player and try and go for an intercept?

Hi Grace,

On the centre pass, it depends what your other players are doing. You can have a game plan to force the attackers in, this would mean both you and the GD stand on the outside of your players and the C would drop back to the line. If you see the diagram attached, this would almost box the attackers in and limit their space, using a triangle formation. It is important you do not box the attackers completely as this could get pulled for contact, ensure there is enough room for them to move slightly. 

However, if you do not have a game plan, I would advise you to get on the inside of your player and force her out wide. A WA would want to receive the ball in the centre channel, close the transverse line - therefore as a WD, you want to force her wide, towards the edges and high up the court. 

On the circle edge, it can be difficult to defend and go for interceptions without getting pulled up for contact. I would advise you to not let your WA set up on the circle edge, e.g. not let her hold you. So instead, keep moving your feet back and forth around her. This will make the feeder less confident to pass the ball. Of course, try to get a hand to the ball, but be careful of contact. 

There is not a specific answer for when you should leave your player and go for an interception, as there are so many factors that come into play. For example how confident you are in yourself to get the interception and your team to cover your player. There usually is no time to really weigh up going for the interception or not, so if you see an opportunity and back yourself, go for it. If you miss it, you have simply learnt for next time - maybe your timing was slightly off, or the angle you went for the ball. 

Generally try to stay close to your WA, using fast, small footwork. Try to keep her high and wide up court to limit her impact, and where possible keep her off the circle edge. A WA will always want to feed the ball from the circle edge as this has the most chance of success, without defensive pressure. Also, put your arms over the ball to pressurise the pass, especially when she is feeding the ball. It is important to recognise that success in defence is not only defined by interceptions, a player can have a really good game and keep their opponent out of play, limiting their impact but gain no interceptions all game. 

Good luck, I hope this helps. 

Centre pass set up - WD

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