Best position to leave vacant if only 6 players can attend?

Best position to leave vacant if only 6 players can attend?

Just wondering what is the best position to leave vacant if only 6 girls can attend a game. It's u11's with 2 brand new players & we are getting beaten by large margins & it's one of our seasoned players that will be off
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sarah Coach, Australia

I think its always best to leave your WA open...Because I think its better to be without an attacker than a defender...but if your team is struggling to get the ball down to your shooters you may wanna move your 6th player into WA and leave your WD open...but its totally your call if you think your girls need the help getting the ball into the circle then leave your WD open :)

Sarah Coach, Australia

I agree with the other Sarah.  I've been involved in netball for many years, and most of the time have seen the above always happen.  

Lee-annes NetballCoach, Australia

its always a wing, and depends on what the other team is doing.  if you are loosing by heaps then id be talking to your president about getting your team moved down a division if you can.  but id prob leave out the WA in this case.  put your normal WA into GA and get her to feed the ball into the GS like she would normally.  except she gets to go inside the circle and have a shot if she has the opportunity.  

Anthony MouchetteCoach, Bermuda

I agree with the Sarah's.  I would leave WA open and have the GA play a little deeper to help bring the ball forward.  i would also be prepared to switch my Center with another player if required since this player would be asked to do extra running up and down the court in the absence of WA.

narelle eatherCoach, Australia

The wings are the best option - Given that you get every second centre pass the best option is to stack the attacking end and try to win each centre pass - any defensive turn over is then a bonus. However, if you have a very fit and capable attacking end they can compensate for missing WA - if the defenders help bring the ball down / and help on centre passes.

Carlos Coach, Australia

Any thoughts then when you’re down to 5 players from the start? Given that prospects of a win are pretty poor anyway why not roll the dice and leave out GD and WD so that on every second centre you’re looking up to a full attacking court? No thoughts of winning more about having fun and at least having a full offence training game.

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