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Defence Drills

There are three stages of Defence in netball: Shadowing - Being on your toes, ready to pounce 2. Pressure (3 ft) - Make things difficult for the opp...


1 Vs 1 Defending In The Circle

category: Defence

Netball 1 vs 1 Defending in the Circle Defence Slowly the two attackers pass the ball back and forth down the court towards the circle. The defender ...

2 Vs 1 In The Circle

category: Zone-defence

Netball 2 vs 1 in the Circle Zone defence The 2 defenders inside the circle must ensure one of them is always marking the attacker inside the circle....

Keeping The Attacker Off The Circle Edge

category: Defence

Netball Keeping the Attacker off the Circle Edge Defence Have 2 feeders positioned on the third line about 5m apart. An attacker starts just off the ...

Large Group Defence Circle

category: Defence

Netball Large Group Defence Circle Defence *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* 6+ players set up in a circle with 1 ball and 2 defenders in the middle. Players in...


Defence around the Circle

Dictate the attackers into bad positions, increasing the difficulty and numbers of passes; therefore increasing opportunities to intercept



Community Drills

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Thrower stands (red dot) top of circleAttackers stands (green dot) behind bass line and drive to 1,2,3,4 and receives the ball and passers back at eac...

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Attackers (green dots) to stand behind centre circle Attacker to drive (black dots) with change of direction at each dotThrower to pass ball to Attack...