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Have 2 feeders positioned on the third line about 5m apart.

An attacker starts just off the semicircle, with a defender behind them.

Feeders pass side to side and the defender repositions to the ball side but still behind the attacker.

Within 3 passes from the feeders to each other the attacker moves around the circle edge to become a forward option.

Defender keeps repositioning behind to stop the attacker getting deep or on circle edge.


If Attacker receives the ball off the circle edge = Defender gets a point

If Attacker receives the ball on the circle edge = Attacker gets a point

Keep score out of 5.

Coaching points


  • Reposition as the ball is in the air to be on the ball side and slightly behind
  • Look for cues of a pass (Feeder turning hips/feet/eyes) and cut in front for intercept on the ball release. If they move too early however then the feeder can fake a pass and hold onto the ball to pass somewhere else.


If the attacker is dictated off the circle it forces long lifted feeds in.

Therefore the defender can use 2nd stage defence of arms over pass.


A second defender (D2) can be added behind in the semicircle

D1 is still behind the attacker and forcing high (off the circle edge) - dictating the attacker to stop her getting to the circle edge.

If the attacker is high, D1 commits to intercept. If the attacker goes deep then D2 can fly out to pick up the defending.

Timing: Defenders should go on the ball release

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