Choosing Sides - 5 Players

category: Attack

Netball Choosing Sides - 5 players Attack On receiving the ball from the feeder player 1 turns. Players 2 and 3 should both make strong sideways move...

Pick The Right Option

category: Attack

Netball Pick the Right Option Attack In this exercise you have two feeders and then three attackers against two ... Choosing Sides - 5 players Drill ...


category: Footwork

Netball Suicides Footwork A tough fitness exercise that works your players' speed stamina. Depending on your team's age/ ability you can choose to do...

Mad- Make A Decision.

category: Decision-making

Netball MAD- Make A Decision. Decision making *AUDIO DESCRIPTION ON* Set up: At least 6 players form equal lines ... Choosing Sides - 5 players. view...