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Scoring on the break Drills

Scoring on the break is a very common form of attack in field hockey, if you watch the Australians you may believe it is the only form of attack. It o...


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Ryde hockey: the defensive press

Ryde Hockey Club Women's 1st Grade Coach John Cullen discusses the principles of the press, an important defensive structure in hockey where the defen...

Ryde hockey - the "fall away" press

An overview of the "fall away" press by Ryde 1st Grade Captain Alex Jones. The fall away press is an alternative defensive structure to the full press...

Fieldhockey defense

How to manage defense Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.



Public Drills

LHS Press 5v5 complete

Drill begins with ball from CH to CB.Attack – score by either getting under control over 1/2 way line. Bonus point for moving ball out of channe...

Screened Receipt (Support in Attack)

- another type of leading run, attacker may use is screened receipt: technique where receiving player protects the ball which is passed to them by pla...

Ball Carrier; Where to Pass the Ball

- space can be classified into 3 different types with regards to passingDangerous space- located behind 1st line of defenders in closer proximity to g...