Hockey Drill Demonstration


This is a basic practice to help teach players a simple pattern to get the ball out of the back.

Gold players start with a sideline hit and the red players start with a 16 yard hit.

Player 1 on the red team dribbles the ball towards the side line and reverse turns to pass the ball to Red 2 who in turn passes the the ball to red 3.

Red 1 runs up the pitch to receive the ball back from red 3 before passing to red 3 who runs with the ball to towards the back line.

Gold players do the same but start with from the sideline.

Coaching points

With younger players play in a smaller area (across the pitch)

Make the practice as game like as possible. Each player should try to hide their pass before giving the ball.

Pass should be done on the move not from standing still.

The rotation can be 1 - 3 - 2 - 1.

Once players have completed a run through they can run across to the other grid - so that all players have a chance to play in all three positions.

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