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Indian Dribble Hand Positions Hockey
Indian Dribble Hand Positi
The fundamentals involved with the Indian Dribble are as foll
Shooting Hockey
Ball fed in to any attacker. The defenders defend against all 3 attack
Triangle Movement Drill Hockey
Triangle Movement Drill
Setup the practice as shown. The space b

Hitting test Hockey
Hitting test
The player is required to hit the ball across the width of the pitch a
England v Canada - German Variation Hockey
England v Canada - German
Players line up as shown. The ball is pushed out to the stop
The German Hockey
The German
Players must set up as shown in the diagram. The ball is pus
Shooting Hockey
Ball fed in to any attacker. The defenders defend against all 3 attack
Quick shot Hockey
Quick shot
Pass and follow to a player positioned just outside the circle BR&g
Pass and follow exercise Hockey
Pass and follow exercise
This exercise is to teach players to run on to a ball passed into spac
Receiving the ball to score Hockey
Receiving the ball to scor
Two touch receive the ball with the forehand first touch the
Score till you drop Hockey
Score till you drop
Place some rebound blocks around the D facing the goal. /p
pass to score pattern Hockey
pass to score pattern
4 players position themselves in the circle, one in each zone
Pull back technique Hockey
Pull back technique
Set up for cones about 2m square and explain the square being
Pull back stage 3 Hockey
Pull back stage 3
At this stage the players move the ball back towards the 4 oc
Drag Flick Grip Hockey
Drag Flick Grip
Hold your stick with hands slightly apart turn your top hand
Quick Hit Hockey
Quick Hit
HITTING TECHNIQUE It is difficult to define the c
Reverse stick Drag stage 3 Hockey
Reverse stick Drag stage 3
Next get the player to transfer the ball starting from the mi
Sweep Hit Hockey
Sweep Hit
The sweep is a variation from the hit pass. p&g
Receiving ball from the side and score Hockey
Receiving ball from the si
Player 1 runs around the outside of the cones, accelerating a
Pass & Volg oefening Hockey
Pass & Volg oefening
Zet op een speelhelft 1 speler in de cirkel 1 binnen de 23m e
deflection goal Hockey
deflection goal
Play the ball in from the top of the circle to be deflected i
Follow pass Hockey
Follow pass
Play alternates from going up the left, to going up the right. The pla
Pull back stage 2 Hockey
Pull back stage 2
Learning the initial stick positionAt this stage the players
Penalty Flick Hockey
Penalty Flick
Both feet need to start behind the ball.
Drawing the defender to create scoring opportunity Hockey
Drawing the defender to cr
Player 2(left wing) receives ball from the Player 1 (left mid
Exploring the back line from left Hockey
Exploring the back line fr
Player 1 runs into the circle and if the defender does not ap