Drill Categories

Practices For Juniors

These junior hockey drills and videos are aimed at teaching younger or novice players the basics of the game and get them used to using the stick to c...


Find A New Ball

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Hockey Find a new ball Practices For Juniors Every player with a ball and stick. Players ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your o...

Back And Forth!

category: Practices-For-Juniors

Practices For Juniors Set up two cones about 2 meters apart. ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own professional coaching pla...

Disguised Pass To The Right

category: Video-Techniques

  • Adopt a ski position' in possession allowing vision of the ball and the receiving players
  • Look at Player 2 "visual dummy" ...

Web Videos

Field hockey for beginners

This is just a brief instructional video about the basic skills of field hockey. It covers the proper stance/grip, dribbling, passing and receiving sk...


Conditioned Games Session

Reward your players with this fun games session and get your players talking in this match skills session!


Community Drills

Juniors. Passing and Receiving

A juniors drill to encourage vision, ball control at speed and passing and receiving at pace.Player A dribbles ball towards red cone. Looks up an...

Knock the ball out the 'D'

the red players are defenders without a ballblue are attackers with the ballthe defenders need to tackle the blue players and push the ball out of the...

Shooting Drill

Passing and shooting exercise for juniors.Probably a box would be best.