Introducing Outletting for Juniors

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Outletting is a massively important part of the game. It is vital in setting up attacks and being able to retain possession and sustain pressure on the opponent. Introducing your juniors to outletting will teach them the benefits of building attacks patiently plus will encourage communication and correct movement that they will take forward as they progress.

What's in the Session?

Create sustained attacks by developing an outletting structure to rival anyone. The warm up get their players heart rates up and switches them on mentally so they are ready to learn. As the session progresses, the practices really emphasise the importance of switching play to move their opponents and to create space to attack into with patience. Focus on the technique of their passing, plus their mindset of not trying to run and attack with every time they get the ball. The final part of the session is a game to encourage switching of the play and passes into midfield in order to outlet well.

Start to get your juniors thinking about how to work their way up the pitch with patience and good passing and see them develop into clever hockey players!

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