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Defending Skills Drills

A hockey defender's main role is to stop the attack, regain possession of the ball and pass the ball to a fellow player to begin an attack from the ba...

Game related Drills

These field hockey training games improve how your team defend and attack as a team. These games cover everything from keeping possession as a team to...


Cover Defence

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Cover Defence Defending Skills Simple exercise without a ball to ... 5m behind the front defender) tracks and copies the direction of movement...

Covering Defender

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Covering defender Defending Skills Temporary footage Players should not ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own profess...

Cover And Delay - Proud To Coach

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Cover and Delay - Proud to Coach Roles and Responsibilities Head The ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own profession...

Deflection / Angles Drill

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Deflection / Angles Drill Goal keeping Setup the practice as shown. ... The goalkeeper must cover the shot and then react if the attacker then...

Defence The Circle

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Defence the circle Defending Skills Defender passes the ball. ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own professional coac...

Under Pressure

category: Defending-Skills

Hockey Under pressure Defending Skills 2 players have to try and pass the ball to each ... search our library of 1000+ hockey drills; create your own...

Web Videos

Jamie dwyer ● tribute to a legend

Jamie Dwyer, the best player hockey has seen in the last decades, has put an end to his international career after the Rio 2016 Olympics. We felt we h...


Coaching the Clip Hit

Are your range of passes limited? Do you need to get the shot away quicker? Use the clip hit to add an extra dimension to your game.

Bite Size Fitness 9

Don't miss this final 30 minute fitness session - Coach it as a whole or use it as a way to bring new ideas to your pre-match routines

Bite size fitness 8

Full pitch sprints and acceleration drills feature in this mini hockey-fitness session. Use this plan to add a fitness element to your training


Community Drills

Copy of Counter Cover

Players circled are the general guard/cover players used to cover space created by players advancing in attack. Defenders guard for Links, Links guard...

Tr 13 Core Y7&8

Reverse blade GOAL: discovering ball -feet position to direct ball to left or right with reverse blade* see picture for positionsTO THE RIGHT* Pl...

Number two, 5v5 with one jumping back

Attacking players start on cones with one attacker playing highTop defender passes ball to attack then jumps back to defend. Attackers should have tak...